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Worthy-Embracing Your Identity in Christ

Worthy-Embracing Your Identity in Christ

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We allow many things to define our identity and worth: relationship status, career plans, and passions. But none of these truly satisfy. Relationships, jobs, and passions can change. They do not last into eternity. When we allow these pursuits to define who we are, we navigate life insecure and longing to know our true selves.

Worthy is a 4-week study on identity in Christ. It explores the titles we have through our relationship with Jesus: child, heir, slave, and saint. Jesus Christ alone is worthy to bear these titles. In our fallen condition, our only identity is rebellious sin. But, by His grace, Jesus unites us to Himself, covers us in His image, and bestows worth to our fallenness. 

This study will:

  • Break down how salvation transforms our identity
  • Compare what the world says vs. what God says about identity 
  • Guide readers on how to embrace their eternal identity gained in Jesus and live, secure in His union

Special resources within the study:

  • Study Suggestions 
  • How to Study the Bible 
  • Attributes of God 
  • Timeline of Scripture 
  • Metanarrative of Scripture 

Key themes or topics covered: Identity, unity, belonging, worth, humanity, restoration, purpose and more. 

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