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Near In The Night Devotional

Near In The Night Devotional

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Why is it that when the lights go off our minds start racing? We stew over what we could have done differently that day. We think about details we're afraid we'll forget in the morning. And most of all, we worry. Small anxieties as well as huge fears come alive when we're exhausted and trying to sleep. This 100-day devotional will put your anxieties in their place and bring peace to your soul.

In this unique evening devotional, bestselling author Emily Ley shares her own stories and struggles, invites you into contemplation, and brings you back to the unchanging comfort found in the Bible.

Near in the Night includes practical ideas to make your evenings calmer along with pages for taking notes, making lists (so you can stop thinking about those to-dos!), and journaling your personal reflections. Each of the 100 devotions will help you:

  • Turn off your worries and regrets at night
  • Remember God's goodness in an uncertain world
  • Develop a grace-filled evening routine so you can sleep well and wake up refreshed for the day ahead

This devotional is perfect for:

  • Anyone looking for uplifting biblical readings for those stress-filled evening hours
  • Fans of Emily and her Simplified brand
  • Christmas, New Year's, Mother's Day, birthdays, and graduation

Pairing biblical wisdom with Emily’s simplicity expertise, Near in the Night reminds us that God is always faithful and ever near, even in the darkest of nights.


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