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Grace upon Grace necklace

Grace upon Grace necklace

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If you understand even a glimpse of the grace you have been given, grace should be easy to give. It’s easy to forget and take for granted, but He reminds us that because He has forgiven us, we are to forgive... Not once, not twice, but 70x7 times. Your debt has been paid in full by a man who hung on a cross, because to Him, you were worth it. You will be sinned against frequently, forgive like He forgave you. You walk in freedom though you don’t deserve, allow those that you don’t think deserve it to walk in it too. Releasing will free you just as much as it frees the person you are forgiving. You have been shown love, mercy, and grace upon grace, now you have been asked to show it to others. Let your response be “yes” over and over again.

Necklace Details: 13mm 20 gauge square 14kt Gold Filled 18" 14kt Gold Plated chain

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