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Do Right Bible Study

Do Right Bible Study

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If your child's friends jumped off a cliff, would your child decide to jump too? It's a silly scenario, but our children are faced with decisions and temptations every day. How will they know how to make the right choices, and where will they get the strength to fight temptation? Through God's Word, of course!

In our four-week armor of God Bible study, Do Right, we will take an in-depth look at what the Bible has to say about right, wrong, and the temptations we encounter. We will examine why sin is such a serious problem, how Jesus made it right for us, and how the armor of God gives us the strength to say no to sin, no matter what! 

In our Bible studies for kids, Bible studies for teens, and our parent studies, your whole family will learn:

  • About the seriousness of sin and your need for a Savior
  • How the armor of God helps them make wise decisions in the face of temptation
  • About real people in the Bible who faced temptation, both the wins and the losses, and how to triumph over sin

Primary Level (ages 4–7)

  • Written in paragraph form for Mom or Dad to read aloud

  • One to two verses to read per lesson

  • Children draw in response to questions

  • Written in language young children can easily understand

Junior Level (ages 8–12)

  • Children work independently, then discuss with the family

  • Children have lines and boxes to write or draw responses

  • Two to four verses to read per lesson

  • Written with a focus on issues school-aged kids face

Youth Level (ages 13+)

  • Teens work independently, then discuss with the family

  • Teens have lines to write their responses with a focus on application and apologetics

  • Four to eight verses to read per lesson

  • Written with a focus on issues teens face

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